Accounting Systems

The special accounting system I have for general release is called Job Bag 6. Job Bag 6 is a job costing package for anyone who charges for their time as well as external costs. Further details are available here. They can be modified to meet your needs or I can write a new system from scratch just for you.

The art of getting forms filled in

The point about special accounting systems is that they don't just do the accounts. They help you to run your operation and in doing so collect data for the accounts. It is a perennial problem for accountants to find out what is actually going on in a business and it is also a chore to input accounts data.

My systems are useful to the people running the operation. Job bag helps the production department organise their work flow and place purchase orders. They can record production time so they know who worked on a particular job and what they did. Sales can raise quotations and bill for the work using real cost data.

Laddie and Maxine at Scratchbury Hill Fort

Be nice to your book keeper

Once this is done the book keeping consists of entering purchases that can be validated from purchase orders and entering cash book transactions. The system even takes care of the work-in-progress.

Look after your shillings

Such systems are valuable to a business for the efficiencies they create and are not as expensive as you might think. This can make them cost effective for quite small businesses. Call me to discuss your needs and I can give you a price.