Small Business Systems and the Hard Bits

Every business has a special administrative process at its core. There is something that you do that makes your business unique. You can't buy software off the shelf to control that process, you need something different. Very often the work is done on a spreadsheet. I have seen some amazing spreadsheet that people have taken years to developed as their businesses grew. Eventually, however, you realise that the spreadsheet is no longer up to the job and you need a special application written. Time to call me.

Maxine at Scratchbury Hill Fort


My long experience of business systems means that I understand what is required and can deliver on time and within the budget. If working to a quoted price I stick to it.

The Hard Bits

I am often asked to contribute small but vital elements to a project. You may be well versed in creating applications with Microsoft Access but need a particularly complex query or VB function that you'd rather somebody else wrote. I am proficient in the use of Visual Basic, Delphi, SQL Server, Crystal Reports, ADO, VBScript and JavaScript. I can normally work out an algorithm that does the job and write fast and reliable code. I am happy to help with legacy systems written in VB6 or other versions of Visual Basic.