Job Bag 6

'Job Bag 6' is an integrated job costing and accounting system suitable for small to medium creative services companies. If you bill your work on a time or item plus costs basis 'Job Bag 6' may be for you. With it you can:

  • Raise and print quotations
  • Open job records and log creative time and other charges against them
  • Raise and print purchase orders and set the cost against jobs if appropriate.
  • Enter purchase invoices and validate them against their purchase orders
  • Record petty cash and cash book payments as job costs if appropriate.
  • See the current costs on any job as well as the work priorities for all open jobs.
  • Raise sales invoices when jobs are finished using quotations or actual cost data. You can also make ad-hoc charges as you invoice.
  • Record cash receipts and so complete your accounting data.
  • Enter journals - one off, repeating or self cancelling.
  • Run the accounting reports, ledgers and cash book through to nominal ledger, profit and loss account and balance sheet.

Job Bag The system is designed to save you time by entering information only once but using it for job costing, studio scheduling and accounting. for prices and availability please call.

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