Pre-Press Tracker

The 'Pre-Press Tracker' on-line page preview and approval system runs on your Windows® web server. All your clients need is a standard web browser. Once logged in they can do the following;

  • Add or edit publications with details of the name, printer, trim size, frequency and number of colours.
  • Add or edit publication issues with details of the number of pages, how the pages are numbered, the delivery date and when clients want to be emailed about changes.
  • Upload page materials and instructions
  • Upload advert materials and instructions
  • View a flat plan layout of pages with thumbnails
  • View the page list
  • View the advert list
  • Change instructions, download pdf's or high res jpeg's from all of these views
  • Change the status ('Approved', 'Cancelled', 'New/In Progress', 'On Proof', 'Pre-flight Error', 'Pre-flight Warning', 'To Amend', 'Transmit to Printers') of selected pages or adverts from any of these views
  • Request extras ('Digital Proof', 'High Res PDF', 'High Res EPS') from selected pages
  • Email advertisers with a link to a page where thay can view, approve and comment on an advert but not access the rest of the system.
  • View proof PDF folder
As the administrator you can do all of that and;
  • Publish pages and adverts - upload a PDF and the system will generate thumbnail and high res jpeg images and optionally send an email to the client
  • Add or edit client details and passwords
  • Configure page sizes, status names, advert positions and colour coding etc
  • Archive issues

TrackerThe system costs £2995. The software for making jpeg's from PDF's has to be installed on the server so you need your own machine. A shared web server will not generally do. If you have a Windows® FTP server you can probably use that. Please contact us for further details.

 Further Details