Pre-Press Tracker

To give you a better feel for the system here are some of the screens. This is the flatplan view of a publication. The thumbnail images are generated by the software as the pdf file is uploaded for review by the client.

The client can view the pdf and a high resolution jpeg, also generated by the system, by clicking on the icons below the page images. They can also change the instructions for a page. Revised instructions are emailed to the administrator as well as being recorded on the database. The same information can be viewed in list form similar to the ad list below.

The next image shows a list of ads for a publication issue. The order in which the ads are shown can be changed by clicking on the relevant column header. The status of each ad is shown and colour coded. The client can change the status of an ad and request extra services (proofs, high res pdfs etc). They can also view a jpeg or pdf of the ad by clicking on one of the icons to the left.

This screen allows the client or the system administrator to add an issue. As you can see there are the usual parameters that you would expect plus a choice of which events generate emails to people at the publishers.

There is a great deal more to the system than these screens show. If you are interested in a fuller demonstration please contact us.

You can also download the Pre-Press Tracker screen shots and the fact sheet.