Laddie and Maxine near Market Lavington Web Programming

If you want a web site that works your way you need a system written for you. There are plenty of 'off the shelf' solutions available that might do some of what you want. You will, however, find yourself spending time and money making up for their shortcommings. If you want a system that meshes seamlessly with your business ask me to design it for you.

A web site for on-line sales does not just show your products, put them in a shopping cart and take the money. There is a system behind the scenes that deals with product and stock management, purchasing, sales order processing, special offers, bulk emailing, management reports and much more. These are the things that determine how the system interacts with your business. In a web based business these are the things that really make a difference to your operation's efficiency.

There is nothing quite like making money from a smooth and efficient operation running with happy customers and staff.

Web programming falls into two areas, server side and client side. Server side programming is used to connect a page to a database or to do something behind the scenes such as send an email or connect to a credit card payment system. Client side programming is used for form validation, dropdown menus, popups and other page behaviours. I work in both of these areas to give you a complete system.

To give you an idea of what can be done I can show you some examples of my work. These are all Windows® hosted, my preferred system. The first two are active sites so be careful what you order!

'Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design'

The 'EMFD' system includes gorgeous slide shows under several headings and a full shopping cart for the beautifully designed bouquets and arrangments. This links to the Cardsave online payment system. The diary/blog, media section and image galleries are all maintained by the client through the admin system. The admin system also allows the slide shows to be managed, products and prices to be maintained and orders to be despatched.


The '5adaybox' system includes a full shopping cart for fruit and veg. This links to the WorldPay online payment system. The site also makes use of their FuturePay facility for regular orders. The administration system allows the products and prices to be maintained and prints pick lists, van runs, delivery notes etc.

'Hughes Models'

The 'Hughes Models' system is a showcase for the lovely models that they represent. With it the customer can create a lightbox display of selected models and save it as a PDF file or forward it by email. The administration system allows the products and prices to be maintained and prints pick lists, van runs, delivery notes etc.

'Pre-press Tracker'

'Pre-press Tracker', is a workflow system for magazine publishers and printers. Once an issue of a publication is set up the pages are uploaded as pdf's and the system makes thumbnail images for the flatplan view. You can have a look at further details here.

Sales Incentive System

Then we have a sales incentive system that records sales and awards prizes to reps. The system has a stock of prizes that it draws from and it can make sure that a person does not win the same prize more than once. You can even have separate boys and girls prizes if you want.

Survey System

My survey system can ask questions of various sorts - multiple choice, yes/no or text. Questions can be compulsory or optional. The system can also suppress questions according to the answers given to previous questions. There is a full reporting system that gives summaries and details of the responses.